Wednesday, November 06, 2002

The time of you life
Is the day that you die
You only live once
So dont be shy

She was haunted
And she got taunted
She never wanted
To get dated
Out of breath
I cannot breathe
I need some air
I cannot see

Everythings blurry
I might collapse
I need some air
Or my time will pass

Has closed in
I need some air

To breathe in
They say you left
But it isnt true
Because when darkness falls
I see you

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Why is the past always thought of as"The good old days"? Truth be told, somethings are/were good, but Im living my "Past" right now. Im only 13 years old and not too much has been all that good. Yeah, of course there are the high points, but there is definatly some low points. I know when I'm older I'll be referring back to "The good old days". And in some ways I know what adults mean. Like when they were younger, maybe healthier, or maybe they just think about how they didnt have as much to worry about. Either way, I've been thinking, and this phrase doesn't exsactly fit up to the standard people make it to.
(Written June 26th, 2002)
Signed: Pippy
I have a weird problem with having attatchments to some of my personal possesions...Why is that? I was thinking maybe because some of the things Ive had for a long time and I feel connected to them, but then there was some things that were new, and I felt attatched to. Like a silver bookmark that had a nice little poem on it, got stolen at school. That upset me real bad. And a charmed necklace I got for Christmas this year, 2002, and when it got stolen at school, I went home and cried! Maybe Im just emotioanlly challenged! But I know of other people that hold on to possesions. Theres the saying, Home is where the heart is, but lately, people have changed it to Home Is Where The Family Is. I know thats true, But when I had to move out of MY house, my cute house that I'd lived in for about 8 years, It tore me apart! Im still torn apart about it and its been 4 years since I moved! So, Ive been thinking, really, Why are people so attatched to personal possesions or just things and objects, shouldnt none of this matter?
(Written June 27th, 2002.)
Signed: Pippy